“VANJ-NET No. 5: Expanding Careers in Japan” was held online in May 26, 2024

“VANJ-NET No. 5: Expanding Careers in Japan” was held with the participation of guests with diverse background:

Dr. Nguyễn Minh Thảo (Associate Professor, Shimane University)
Dr. Nguyễn Duy Hiếu (Postdoctoral Researcher, National Institute for Materials Science – NIMS)
Dr. Nguyễn Phạm Hải Huy (Technology Research and Business Development Specialist, Hitachi Corporation)
MSc. Bế Minh Nhật (MPKEN, NPO)
Mr. Izumi Shioda (Deputy Director, Sojitz LifeOne Company)

The seminar presented information and perspectives on careers for master’s and doctoral graduates aspiring to work in Japan. Through various stories in the journey of building careers in Japan, the speakers highlighted numerous jobs, opportunities, and difficulties for graduate students in academic and corporate environments. Additionally, the speakers emphasized the importance of investing time in preparing Japanese language skills and in analyzing one’s strengths and weaknesses to find suitable opportunities.  Finally, representative from Sojitz LifeOne provided insights from the employer’s perspective, discussing the aspects that employers evaluate and seek in candidates. Through the seminar, real-life experiences, key considerations, and demands from Japanese companies and agencies were shared with 95 online participants.