[Available] Research Assistant/Technical Support Staff at Innovation Center of NanoMedicine – Kawasaki

Laboratory: Kataoka/Kinoh Lab, iCONM, Kawasaki
Tasks: daily laboratory activities, particularly in the chemical synthesis laboratory.
Time: at least 3 days/week.
Length: 1 year (with potential extension).

Minimum Qualifications:
• Masters in science with a background in chemistry
• English conversation skills.

Contact: Sabina Quader
• sabina-q[at]kawasaki-net.ne.jp  (replace [at] with @).
• https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabina-quader-10376555/
More details in post.

“VANJ-NET No. 5: Expanding Careers in Japan” was held online in May 26, 2024

“VANJ-NET No. 5: Expanding Careers in Japan” was held with the participation of guests with diverse background:

Dr. Nguyễn Minh Thảo (Associate Professor, Shimane University)
Dr. Nguyễn Duy Hiếu (Postdoctoral Researcher, National Institute for Materials Science – NIMS)
Dr. Nguyễn Phạm Hải Huy (Technology Research and Business Development Specialist, Hitachi Corporation)
MSc. Bế Minh Nhật (MPKEN, NPO)
Mr. Izumi Shioda (Deputy Director, Sojitz LifeOne Company)

The seminar presented information and perspectives on careers for master’s and doctoral graduates aspiring to work in Japan. Through various stories in the journey of building careers in Japan, the speakers highlighted numerous jobs, opportunities, and difficulties for graduate students in academic and corporate environments. Additionally, the speakers emphasized the importance of investing time in preparing Japanese language skills and in analyzing one’s strengths and weaknesses to find suitable opportunities.  Finally, representative from Sojitz LifeOne provided insights from the employer’s perspective, discussing the aspects that employers evaluate and seek in candidates. Through the seminar, real-life experiences, key considerations, and demands from Japanese companies and agencies were shared with 95 online participants.

[Available] Hokkaido University – The University of Melbourne Dual PhD Program Scholarship

Position: PhD (Degree of Information or Engineering), Hokkaido University (Sapporo, Hokkaido) Field: Nanomaterials Due date for application: Thu 30 May 2024 (Expression of Interest: Sun 19 May 2024, more information below) Start date: Tue 01 Oct 2024 Scholarship: living expenses in Hokkaido and Melbourne and travel expenses: one-way flight from […]

International hybrid conference “VANJ CONFERENCE 2023 – Green Environment and Energy” celebrates the 50th anniversary of Vietnam-Japan diplomatic relations

Continuing the success of annual scientific conferences organized by Vietnamese Academic Network in Japan (VANJ) since 2016, this year VANJ and co-organizer, Center for Spintronics Research Network (CSRN – The University of Tokyo), and partners, Vietnam Youth Vet Network (VYVN) and Vietnamese Construction Society in Japan (VCJ), organized International hybrid […]

ADB Japan Scholarship 2024 at University of Tokyo Japan (Fully Funded)

The ADB Japan Scholarship 2024 at the University of Tokyo in Japan is a prestigious and fully funded opportunity for aspiring students. This scholarship program, funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), aims to support outstanding individuals from developing member countries to pursue their higher education in Japan. The University […]


VANJ-SPEC is a seminar series organized by VANJ. The series aims to connect professionals from different scientific disciplines and share knowledge. The fourth edition of VANJ-SPEC, called VANJ-SPEC4, focuses on a topic of great interest in today’s agriculture: “Current Status and Future Potential of Drone Application in Agriculture”. VANJ-SPEC4 was […]


日本語の情報については、ニュースの下半分を参照してください。 ======================= English version below ======================= With the desire to provide useful information on Japanese science and technology to a large number of Vietnamese people living in Vietnam and abroad, the Vietnamese Academic Network in Japan (VANJ) officially launched a project, namely “Japanese Science and Technology compendium” in 2019. This […]

VANJ Conference 2022 returns in hybrid format, organized by VANJ and CSRN

Following the success of the annual scientific conferences held since 2016, Vietnamese Academic Network in Japan (VANJ)  organized “VANJ Conference 2022 – Diversity for an Inclusive Society”, with Center for Spintronics Research Network of The University of Tokyo (CSRN) as co-organized, and Vietnam Biomedical Science Community (VBMC) and Vietnam Youth […]